How to make the - House Music Scene

As the title reveals, we want to elaborate here how to make house music hit. Let's get down to bizz.

We, Maxmoody, are not the blogger kind, but we are the ones who love to share our music knowledge and party vibe.

WeZienWel Records

Starting as an unknown artist is though. You don't know where to start, let alone where to play your songs...

"WeZienWel Records is a label that supports Maxmoody as an upcoming artist."

It may seem naturally. But it isn't... Maxmoody had to find it's home... As every artist should (we say). To develop yourself as an artist, is to experience all the layers that are destined to overcome you. The only advice we have is to keep doing what you do and KEEP DOING IT. The "other stuff" will come, but it shouldn't be your focus, we think.

That typical question, 'your own sound'?

The only way to find out is to go out there and try.... We as Maxmoody may have our 'own sound' but it doesn't mean anything untill we play it together. Moody, for example loves to go deep 'tale of us' styles, and Wouter comes up with boysband rock every repetion. WHAT ARE WE DOING hahaha

House music scene

This song is based on one of our favourite Techhouse artist tracks. Moody tried to remake it and we ended up with something completely different. Producing this track we discovered how house music, as a genre, actually is.


  1. If you want to produce a dj track => keep 20 sec before and after. For the dj to be able to mix it (else you'll probably make a radio edit)

  2. If you use samples, make sure they're ok to use, or you have the rights to use them.

  3. Secret key in HMS: The violin sound, in the breaks, etc... Always use violins when u feel like it. (Don't over use)

  4. Always use an offbeat sample in your percussion.

  5. If you arrange a song, get someone to ride with u on it! It helps and it's more fun.

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